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Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez will wear new Sox on 2011 Topps baseball cards by Chris Olds

By Chris Olds | Editor

The Boston Red Sox have been busy adding new talent this off-season and that means that Topps has been busy, too.

With a little help from Photoshop.

Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez — two players who will have cards topping the next Beckett Baseball Hot List — will appear in Red Sox uniforms in the 2011 Topps set, the company announced on Friday.

Because of their late additions, the cards will be short-prints.

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That would’ve looked so good with a full bleed. But that white border fools me again. A 1px black border on these would do the trick.

Comment by anon

No offense to topps, but there are bloggers all over the internet that can do better photo shop jobs than their people

Comment by joe

Why are the Crawford and Gonzalez cards going to be short prints when the release of Topps Series 1 is still two months away? Can you clarify, Chris? Why not just wait to release their cards (in a real-life, non-doctored photo) in Series 2?

From mod: Because the cards are being printed in various stages — and being prepped for packaging — right about NOW.

Comment by Mark

So if the Red Sox unis are short prints, then will they also be pictured as a Padre and Ray(A & B versions)? If not, then these “short prints” will be released as a regular card in the set at the end of the year right?

Comment by Jeff

I’d much prefer they be printed in the same quantity with a “traded to/signed by Red Sox” on the thing. Or if that’s even too much to get out on time, leave it for series 2. People will understand.

Comment by Communitygum

Topps’ photoshop artists might want to actually see a team’s real uniforms. The Red Sox don’t have a helmet with the Sox on it. Whether wearing home, away, home alternate, or road alternate (as pictured here)jerseys, they only wear the blue helmet with the red “B”. In addition, they only wear red undershirts (not blue as is pictured here). Just a bad photoshop attempt. Hope the Adrian Gonzalez one is better.

Comment by mwmartn

I’m actually offended by Topps decision to put these cards as short prints, when Series 1 is still 2 months away, and these 2 players could have very easily been in series 2. I mean, Topps did a better job in 1977 with Reggie Jackson’s Yankee card than they did here.

Plus, there is NO way it takes 2 months to print, package and ship cards in 2011. No Chance. Not with today’s technology. By the look of the “Behind-The-Scenes” videos of Panini, it probably takes about a week. And if it does take 2 months, then why release them in February? Wait until March 31st for series 1 and get it right (what a concept). This is why Topps having a monopoly on baseball is a terrible idea…Upper Deck, please come back!

Comment by Benny

All of the product’s various sets — inserts and so on — are not printed at the same time. Some print and sit while others get done. When everything is done, they get collated together and packaged.

For example, I can tell you that the standard base cards from 2010 Topps were printed from Jan. 4, 2010 to Jan. 18, 2010. You can bet they were working on all of the files for the various cards in the set in the time leading up to that.

(Prep work for cards doesn’t get done overnight. And neither does printing.)

Comment by chrisolds

Ok, even assuming it does take Topps two months to print, prep, and package Series 1 cards, the question still remains, why include badly photoshopped Crawford and Gonzalez cards as SPs in Series 1? Why not just put their first Red Sox cards (which would contain actual photographs) in Series 2? Someone please answer that question because I really don’t get it. These photoshopped SPs seems SO unnecessary, especially when we have consistently seen that Topps is incapable of accurately depicting traded players in their new uniforms (e.g., Dotel wearing a Dodgers uniform with giant RED letters on the back in 2010 Topps Update). This kind of stuff is really frustrating and discouraging.

Comment by Mark

Because people complain about old unis. Because people complain about press conference pics.

You can’t fault them for trying to do something people might like.

Comment by chrisolds

Chris, I agree with 100% of what you’re saying, but if they are going to have cards sit, why not have the inserts sit, and wait until the last minute to print the actual base cards? That way, Topps gets everything right. The Tigers signed V-mart, and the Brewers got Greinke…are those going to be short prints also? Why not just have a policy, that all free agents will be in series 2? for example, it was so frustrating to see Pudge Rodriguez’s 2009 Topps card be in series 1 as a New York Yankee. As everyone knows, Pudge never played for the Yankees in 2009. He started the year with the Astros, then got traded to the Rangers. Yet there was no card of Pudge as an Astro, because Topps printed his card 6 months before the season started. It’s pathetic, and it’s not fair to the true collector. His 2008 Topps Traded card correctly showed him as a Yankee…why didn’t someone at Topps stop and say, “hey why don’t we just put Pudge in Series 2 since we don’t know where he is going to sign, but we 100% know the Yankees are not trying to resign him???” You have access to Topps, I would love to know why they don’t have a standing policy that ALL free agents will appear in series 2. that way there is no 4th grade Photoshop work being done…

Comment by Benny

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