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Beckett President unveils upcoming website changes by Chris Olds
January 5, 2011, 11:52 am
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Dear Beckett Customer,

Back in July, we estimated the new site launch for the end of December.  We have moved that date by a bit.  The new site will launch by end of this month – yes, January 2011 – in the next few weeks.  I moved it by a few weeks for several reasons, but the overall gist of the conversation is that we want as close to perfection as possible upon release, and that includes new server location with all-new hardware.  We ran into a bit of a snag having the new hardware set up on time.  We also have a bit more work to do to complete all the data migration.  This will allow all of your account history to be included in the migration.

Besides eliminating all of the current load/timeout issues and increasing site speed, our team thought you might like to hear about some of the additions and changes for the new site:

— Traditional message boards, including:

o   Dedicated Box Break and Trade forums

o   Traditional look and feel

o   New search functionality

— Graded Card pricing to be included with OPG subscriptions – covering BGS/BVG, GAI, PSA and SGC

—  Improved BGS Registry including:

o   All new design

o   Ability to create “custom” registries

o   New leader boards

— Expanded Collector 2 Collector Trade/Sell functionality including:

o   Fresh, new profile pages

o   Automatic trade matches using “Beckett Matchmaker”

— More powerful “Organize” features including:

o   Advanced search options

o   Sub-folders for organization

— Better integration with Beckett Marketplace including:

o   More visibility for the items you are looking for

o   Easy access to search “On Sale” items

o   Dealer feedback system

— Expanded Marketplace distribution

For our existing customers, we also have a plan to say “Thank you” for hanging in there with us.  We will announce the plan at launch.  I know some of you have experienced serious frustration with account and site issues.  In just a few weeks, that will be a thing of the past.

We will post the exact date of new site launch very soon.  We will likely do our switch on our lowest volume day and time, so expect an odd time and date.

I sincerely hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday.



Brian D. Gulledge
Beckett Media LLC

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Thanks Brian!

Comment by Ken R.

too little too late.

Comment by Kevin

I’m excited, hope it works out well.

Comment by Cardboard Icons

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