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Panini’s Tracy Hackler takes back seat to real rock star by Chris Olds

We all know Beckett Media’s Panini America‘s Tracy Hackler acts like a box-busting rock star, but on Monday he took a back seat to a real rock star, Jonathan Cook lead singer for Forever The Sickest Kids.

Cook, who is a collector and Dallas Cowboys fan, is the nephew of Panini America’s Ted Barker (working the camera). He sat down with Hackler to open a box of 2010 Epix football cards for what you’ll find above.

What will they find inside? Watch and find out …

And if you’re not familiar with FTSK, you might have seen this video for their biggest hit so far on MTV or on heavy rotation awhile back.


Panini America Giving Epix Its Own Football Card Set by Tracy Hackler

Mention the word “Epix” to veteran collectors of baseball, football, hockey and racing cards and you’re as likely to get a look of fond remembrance as you are a glare of genuine angst. Indeed, the polarizing insert program boasts a mildly perplexing, multi-statistical, many-hued history with origins dating back to 1997.

What it’s never had is a full-blown brand of its own. Until now.

On Thursday evening, Panini America confirmed that it will launch 2010 Epix Football as a 235-card, heavily paralleled stand-alone product in late September, conceivably as a replacement for Gridiron Gear.

The Epix idea first burst onto the scene during the 1990s insert boom as a Pinnacle Brands‘ brainchild. Collectors across multiple sports quickly became dogged pursuers of the insert, lured by both the flashy, colorful design of the cards themselves as well as the accomplishment-based, player-specific concept of the chase.

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