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3,000 hits*! by ejahnke
July 30, 2008, 6:59 am
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Besides my MR. Josh Hamilton autographs I got, one of the nice things about the game I attended Monday night was seeing Ichiro play.  I thought I would get to see a little bit of baseball history that night, but Ichiro decided I had enough to babble about already and waited until last night to make history.

3,000 hits*!

This is a stat that I don’t mind putting the * next to, since it’s nothing to do with needles or some sort of clean, clear, magical ointment.

Last night, Ichiro hit his 1,722 hit in Major League Baseball, and combined* with his 1,278 hits in Japan, he hit that magical 3,000 mark (pun intended) younger than anyone else in history, barely beating out Ty Cobb by roughly 100 days.   (Ichiro did it at age 34, 130 days–Cobb was 34, 231 days.)

He did have another hit later in the Mariners loss, so he stands at 3,001 hits.

Critics that argue that his Japanese hits should not count for anything can take a hike.  He played fewer games every season in Japan, and his 1.41 hits-per-game average in the U.S. is actually higher than the 1.34 hits-per-game that he had in Japan.  He’s also never had LESS than 206 hits in a season in MLB.

Congrats to Ichiro, that is an impressive feat.