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Dealer finds Black Sox scandal dual cut autograph of Charles Comiskey & Arnold Rothstein by Chris Olds


Jerry Herrin of All-Star Sports & Collectibles in Byron, Ga., wanted to let Beckett readers know all about a significant pull found in his shop from this year’s SP Legendary Cuts — a dual autograph of Charles Comiskey, former owner of the Chicago White Sox and Arnold Rothstein, the man believed to be behind the fix in the 1919 World Series.

cuts2He writes: “Mark Corrigan (one of my employees), my wife, Stephanie, and I pulled this card. It is definitely the nicest pull I have ever had. I am not sure what something like this would be worth, but would love to know … the card is definitely for sale. I just don’t know what would be reasonable for such a piece of baseball history.”

While it’s a name-your-price kind of item, we’ll let our readers offer up some guesses on its value. (Why ruin the fun with an estimate right now?)

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