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Beckett Tip Sheet: Where can you land an autograph? by Chris Olds

By Chris Olds | Editor

It’s no secret that the autograph is key to many a sports products these days as those certified authentic slips of the pen turn cardboard into collecting gold.

But the certified autograph is not the only way a collector can land a treasured item.

In fact, many a signer of certified autographs actually signs in other ways — ways that collectors may not always think about in a world of commodified, short-print chases and dreaming of winning mylar-wrapped lotteries. It may sound like common sense, but there are other ways to track down signatures besides ripping packs and buying singles at the card shop or online.

Here’s a rundown of ways that collectors — beginners through the long-time hobby veterans — should always consider trying to land an autograph without hitting up a pack of cards or buying a certified signature straight from a trusted dealer.

These days, it’s pretty common for athletes and celebrities to have their own websites where they sell autographed items directly to the public. The signed copy of WWE Magazine above, for example, was purchased on Trish Stratus‘ website, There, the former multi-time women’s champion sells signed magazines, books, photos, posters and more. If you have your own particular item you want signed, she’ll ink it up for a $10 fee.

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eTopps Announces 1956 Football Tribute by Tracy Hackler
January 11, 2010, 12:38 pm
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Topps officials today released information on eTopps’ newest offering, a tribute to the landmark 1956 Topps set, the company’s first devoted to the NFL.

The product, which went on sale beginning at noon CST today, honors superstars from yesterday and today, including the likes of Barry Sanders, Roger Staubach, Tom Landry and Tom Brady, to name four.

Additional players will be offered for sale in coming weeks. For more information, visit the eTopps website.

— Tracy Hackler

Preview gallery: 2009 UD Black football cards by Chris Olds


Upper Deck released additional images of cards from its upcoming UD Black football set this week in advance of the product’s release in late October.

Each two-pack box will include two autographs and two manufactured American flag patch cards (each one per pack). Each 10-box case will include a single or dual cut signature card as well.

Check ’em out …

Going Oldschool Box break: 2001 Score Football by Chris Olds


We know you love box breaks so we’ve dug around to find some wax with a little dust on it for some box breaks where we go oldschool.

This box isn’t all that old — just eight years — but its lack of a single autograph or memorabilia card shows the changes that have come over the years. Now, those things are virtual staples of collecting.

This year’s version of Score football arrives in July and has more bells and whistles as well, but the 2001 box holds within it an example of one thing to always remember — just because a box isn’t brand new, doesn’t mean you can’t find some decent cards inside.

Here are the results from a randomly selected box of 2001 Score football cards I recently opened …

Suggested Retail Price: $.99 a pack (It says so on the box — “the most value-packed 99-cent product on the market!”)
Packs per box: 36
Cards per pack: 10
Cards in this box: 360
Base set completion: 216 of 220 (98 percent)
Duplicates: 94
Triplicates: 18
Quadruplicates: 1

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McFarlane Toys announces rare NFL chase figure by Chris Olds


McFarlane Toys has added another super-rare chase figure to its upcoming NFL Legends Series 5 of its popular SportsPicks figures — a Barry Sanders piece limited to just 20 copies.

What’s the variation?

sandersregularSanders is wearing blue pants instead of silver. The packaging will be sealed with McFarlane Toys security tape to differentiate it from possible repainted and repackaged toys.

The fifth series of NFL Legends is scheduled to arrive in July. For more on them, click here and visit

Chris Olds has collected sports cards and memorabilia since 1987. Before coming to Beckett Media, he wrote about the hobby for the Orlando Sentinel on his blog, SportsStuff, and for the San Antonio Express-News and The Tuscaloosa (Ala.) News. Do you have a comment, question or idea? Send e-mail to him at

First Look: McFarlane Toys’ NFL Legends Series 5 Sports Picks figures by Chris Olds


McFarlane Toys released on Friday images of what its fifth series of NFL Legends Sports Picks figures will look like with my personal favorite being former Philadelphia Eagles QB Randall Cunningham leading the way.

The series arrives in June with six other big names from the past.

The others? Well, you might know a few. They all can be seen after the jump…

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2008 Goudey sneak peak by ejahnke

Russell Martin signing his 2008 cards.

A quick sneak peak at some of the new Goudey Sport Royalty Autographs. Last year’s set was a big hit, and this year should be no exception.

There are a few changes, and for the better, this year’s autographs will be found in-pack, and not just as box toppers. Also, and this is good news, the Sport Royalty Autos will be seeded 2-3 per case, instead of the previously announced 1 per case.

2008 Goudey Baseball should be out in mid-July, here are some examples–