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A Magazine Worth Cheering For by Tracy Hackler


I first discovered the greatness of cheerleaders in the fourth grade, as a tousle-headed lineman for the Arlington Optimist Cowboys in the late Seventies. They weren’t the reason I signed up to play tackle football for the first time that year, but they became the reason I always wanted to play well.

(I rarely did play well, by the way.)

I continued to appreciate their spirit-lifting, pompom-waving ways at every stop of a checkered football career, from the Hedrick Wranglers to the Marcus Marauders.

Today, I appreciate cheerleaders every chance I get (much to my wife’s chagrin). It struck me again just last Sunday – while enjoying, for the umpteenth time, the undisputed greatness of DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket – just how important cheerleaders are to professional football.

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