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Topps offers bounty program for 2010 Topps Chrome baseball by Chris Olds
October 8, 2010, 10:59 am
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Did you buy any 2010 Topps Chrome? If you, you might have some hidden treasure and not even know it yet.

How? It’s offering a reward for those who find certain cards.

Each week, Topps will announce the bounty prize cards on its blog. The first collector to email a photo of him or her with the card(s) to wins a prize.

Get the details — and see this week’s cards — after the jump.

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Upper Deck reveals baseball SPs, two more “double take” variation players by Chris Olds

Upper Deck revealed on Friday that there are four rare retail short-prints to be found for its 2010 baseball card set and that there are two more “double take” players with photo variation cards.

The four SPs include Sarah Palin, “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, Pete Rose and a five-time world New York Yankeees champions card featuring Jorge Posada, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte. The Palin and Rose cards are found in packs in Walmarts, while the other two cards can only be found in packs at Target stores.

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With either outcome, the World Series should help the hobby by Chris Olds


By CHRIS OLDS| Beckett Baseball Editor

Unlike previous seasons, this year’s World Series might have the makings of a true fall classic on the field as well as in hobby shops.

howardThere are several reasons, but most notably you have the fact that one team has the look of a dynasty in the making — the Philadelphia Phillies — appearing in its second straight Series vs. “The Evil Empire” in the New York Yankees, the 26-time world champions who bought their way into yet another postseason.

To be fair, both teams have their fair share of free agent acquisitions or key players gained in trades. And, sure, both teams spend money, too — the Phillies at $113 million this year and the Yankees at $201 million. And, sure, they do have to play the games after writing the checks — but it’s tough for anyone to discount with a straight face the buying power that totaled $420 million spent this off-season for CC Sabathia, Mark Teixeira and A.J. Burnett.

It’s this great matchup of big bats, strong arms and good cardboard that should generate interest in the markets that run parallel to the action on the field.

Hobby-wise several of the key stars for Philadelphia appear as Phillies on their Rookie Cards because they are home-grown talents  — and that’s a plus when it comes to success in the card shop. There’s the name and team recognition when beginning collectors (and others) want to land the RCs of their Series MVP and he’s wearing the same uniform on his card as he was on your television screen.

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Chase Utley has no class by ejahnke

(If you don’t know what he did, Google is your friend- I won’t post it here.)

What kind of idiot are you, Chase Utley? How many fans did you drive away from the already suffering game of baseball (not to mention the hobby) with your idiotic choice to drop the f-bomb during the World Series celebration on Friday? Why didn’t you go on and moon the crowd, Chase?

Chase, I respect you (a lot), but watching you stand there with that stupid frat-boy smirk, so proud of yourself for having “connected” with the notoriously classless Philly fans, made me sick.

Hopefully cider...but you never know.

Hopefully cider...but you never know.

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BerkMAN by ejahnke

OK, it took a while for him to heat up…but those upper deck shots sure were sweet.

Am I a homer?  You bet, go Berkman! (and go Hamilton – a close second for you, sir.)

Justin Morneau is next…like him, too, but I gotta go with my two favorites…

Any quick predictions?