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Preview Gallery: 2010 Panini Gridiron Gear RG Gems autographs by Chris Olds

By Chris Olds | Editor

Panini America released a handful of preview images to tease what’s coming in 2010 Gridiron Gear, which arrives this week with some hidden surprises.

What kinds of surprises?

Well, for starters there are the Rookie Gridiron Gems cards that have an autograph on a jersey swatch that is concealed inside the card. Collectors can pull out its inner panel to see the entire signature.

You’ll see more of the cards after the jump, and you see the rest of the cards from the set online starting with a batch right here and you’ll have the chance to win one of these cards from a top running back in the class in the next issue of Beckett Football. (That’ll be in hobby shops and chain stores around the country by next month … )

Until then, you can see five cards — before and after autograph reveals — after the jump.

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Box Busters: 2010 Ultimate Collection Basketball by Chris Olds

Join Beckett Media’s Chris Olds and Rob Springs as they rip into not one, not two …  but four packs of 2010 Ultimate Collection basketball cards from Upper Deck in this latest episode of Box Busters.

What will they find inside? Watch and find out …

Tebow spotlight shines brightly on Palm Beach Autographs by Chris Olds


BALTIMORE – One of the hottest athletes in the market is not easy to find at the National Sports Collectors Convention, but once you find Tim Tebow memorabilia on the Baltimore Convention Center floor, you’re swimming in it.

Tebow, who won two national championships with the Florida Gators, signed an exclusive memorabilia deal with Palm Beach Autographs, which has two stores in Jacksonville and Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

Co-owner Jim Dodson, a Florida graduate, has seen the immediate benefits of a Tebow exclusive, including a booth at the National, which is the first sports collectors convention the company has attended as a vendor.

“Having his product certainly helped with us being here,” Dodson said. “I’m not sure what the likelihood of us being here would have been if we didn’t have his stuff.”

By the fourth day of the National, Palm Beach Autographs had sold about 15 Tebow items, which ran anywhere from $180 to more than $1,000. There were posters, jerseys, mini helmets and signed pictures – among other pieces. Palm Beach Autographs has other memorabilia such as baseball and golf, but focus on college football. Tebow was their most popular item.

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Tim Tebow Knows baseball? by Chris Olds

Tim Tebow hits 12 home runs on 15 pitches during a batting practice session?

One old 1990 Score  Bo Jackson baseball card immediately came to mind.

You know you thought it, too.

I just wonder if Nike thought the same thing …

Chris Olds is the editor of Beckett Baseball. Have a comment, question or idea? Send an e-mail to him at Follow him on Twitter by clicking here.

Tim Tebow can’t get enough of Beckett Football by Chris Olds

Beckett Media’s Tracy Hackler and Jon Gold will be at the NFL PLAYERS Rookie Premiere this weekend with all sorts of things that will interest football card collectors.

But on Thursday night it was Beckett Football No. 234 and the buying habits of collectors that got the attention of Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.

You”ll never guess who’s No. 1 on the Hot List, Tim-mah

Look for more from Los Angeles later today and throughout the weekend right here.

Chris Olds is the editor of Beckett Baseball. Have a comment, question or idea? Send an e-mail to him at Follow him on Twitter by clicking here.

Buzz Building Around Tim Tebow’s First NFL Autograph Cards by Tracy Hackler

In the 48 hours since they released in 2010 Prestige Football, Tim Tebow‘s first NFL trading cards — especially those featuring his consistently-administered penmanship — have been buzz-building, bid-generating click-inducers on the secondary market.

And for every motivated buyer looking to add an early Tebow autograph to the collection, there is bound to be at least 10 other onlookers just curious to see what his first autographed NFL cards look like. It’s an expected phenomenon for one of the most talked-about draft picks in recent history, and one that’s been playing out similarly since early April with his Press Pass “draft picks”” autograph cards.

In its first product of the year, Panini America incorporated 11 different versions of Tebow certified autograph cards, all on-card or on-fabric, including five Collegiate Lettermen (the “T,” “E,” “B,” “O” and “W” of his surname), an NFL Draft, a Draft Picks Rights rookie parallel numbered to 99, a popular Pro Helmets Autographs, and NFL Draft, NFL Equipment and NFL Shield patch autographs.

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Exclusive First Look: Tim Tebow’s First Broncos Trading Card by Tracy Hackler

Panini America officials on Friday afternoon provided a glimpse of what promises to be one of the most coveted football cards of the summer: Tim Tebow’s limited-edition, Broncos-variation 2010 Prestige Rookie Card.

The card, in production just hours after Tebow’s headline-making selection by Denver in the first round of Thursday night’s 2010 NFL Draft – is set to arrive in stores by mid May in packs of 2010 Prestige Football.

A rabid, far-reaching collector base is expected to be waiting with open arms, and wallets.

“Being the special player and public figure that he is, Tebow being drafted in the first round makes him the bona fide No. 1 guy out of the gate, more collectible than Sam Bradford,” says Scott Prusha, Panini America’s marketing director. “People didn’t know where he was going to land and he landed in the first round on a very collectible team as the second quarterback taken. He’s going to be a collecting superstar.”

Panini also is producing a Florida Gators version of Tebow’s Rookie Card for 2010 Prestige Football.

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