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Favre football for sale immediately after streak ends by Susan Lulgjuraj

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Contributing Editor

Brett Favre’s consecutive games started streak ended on Monday night when the long-time veteran and future Hall of Famer was inactive for the first time in 297 games.

Favre has been a starting quarterback in the league since 1992, longer than some Minnesota Vikings fans have been alive.
Favre didn’t waste any time in promoting the streak.

There is an official signed football with “297 starts 1992-2010” already being sold on for $499.99.

Football’s Ironman hasn’t signed any of the footballs yet. This is only for a pre-sale and the item should be available in 30 days, according to the site.

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Topps teases Five Star football with Favre photos by Susan Lulgjuraj

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Contributing Editor

As the end of the year nears, the makers of the two biggest football products are splashing around images, looking to entice collectors.

We’ve already seen some of what Panini has to offer with 2010 National Treasures.

This time, Topps puts the focus on its big venture.

Topps is slowly releasing photos from Topps Five Star, which will run upwards of $500 a box. A hobby box consists of one pack of five cards with four on-card autographs and one jumbo Relic card.

Many collectors drool when they see those three words: on-card autographs.

Topps plans on releasing more photos in the upcoming days, but the first go-around with the product features Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre. See them after the jump.

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Moss Cut, Now What? by tolentinotown

By Andrew Tolentino | Assistant Editor

As the saying goes, “a rolling stone gathers no moss.” As of today, football card collectors inquire with uncertainty, “Okay, so does a rolling Moss gather less stones?”

Minutes after receiving the word on Randy Moss’ waiver, the Beckett office filled with a fluttering swarm of question marks buzzing around the reason for the cut and his subsequent hobby value. Why did Childress and the Vikings chop Moss? What does the abrupt axing do to the wide receiver’s pricing? Unfortunately, our flyswatters aren’t up to speed and we simply don’t have the answers…yet.

Since there are no major character meltdowns (none that we know of, at least) looming over Moss’ split with the Vikings, his cards aren’t quite being expedited to the pricing plight. To some degree, any “second coming” memorabilia pending release becomes exclusive and theoretically more valuable. Historically however, problematic players in his current position haven’t fared especially well.

Only time and selling trends will offer the empirical truth here. While the question is up in the air though, we’re interested to hear what you have to say about the predicament. Whether you think Moss’ cards will plummet or put up a fight, or if you just want to tell us what you plan on doing with his cards, we’re here to hear you out.

Collector Uncovers Rare Adrian Peterson McFarlane Variant by Tracy Hackler

Darin Amundson, an avid visitor and ardent sports collector, recently fumbled across — er, stumbled across — what appears to be a rare McFarlane variant of Minnesota Vikings superstar running back Adrian Peterson.

See it after the jump . . .

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Colts, Vikings Super Bowl in the Cards by Tracy Hackler

If a highly unscientific, sinfully entertaining football card comparison can serve as a hobby-heavy harbinger, the Indianapolis Colts and Minnesota Vikings are headed for a Super Bowl XLIV showdown.

It’s the game most of America wants to see (Peyton Manning vs. Brett Favre) after Sunday’s conference championship games; and it’s the decided outcome of an off-the-beaten-path, off-the-field projection produced by the heavily queried, incomparably massive Beckett database.

We started by ranking the NFL’s four remaining teams (the Colts and New York Jets in the AFC, the Vikings and New Orleans Saints in the NFC) in five collecting categories: Total number of cards all time, total number of 2009 cards, average Rookie Card value, average autograph card value and average memorabilia card value.

We then awarded points to each team in each category depending on how they fared (four points for first, three for second, two for third and one for fourth), tallied the overall scores for each team and – voila! – had our results . . .

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Upper Deck’s Monday Morning Collector: Divisional Playoffs by danhitt

Every Monday morning throughout the NFL season, we select our rookie, veteran and breakout players of the week with a run down on why collectors should take notice. For the postseason we’re simply selecting three standout players. Here are our picks for the divisional round of the playoffs.

This week’s Monday Morning Collector is brought to you by Upper Deck.

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Monday Morning Collector: NFL Week 11 by danhitt

Every Monday morning throughout the NFL season, we’ll select our rookie, veteran and breakout player of the week and provide a run down on why collectors should take notice. Here are our selections for NFL Week 11.

Veteran of the Week:
Brett Favre, QB, Vikings
(213 yards passing, 4 touchdowns, 141.7 QB rating)

What can you say about the year that Brett Favre is having that hasn’t already been said? He’s been simply outstanding. He had one of the best performances of his career on Sunday and didn’t even sniff a 300-yard passing game. Favre was 22 of 25 for an incredible 88 percent completion percentage (and he’s supposed to be a gunslinger?). This smarter, more experienced and more relaxed Favre is dangerous indeed for the entire league’s defenses. All of Favre’s 2009 Vikings cards are very hot, possibly too hot to handle. But who knows where they’ll go if he can pull off a late-career Super Bowl run.

2009 Vikings Cards to Grab:
2009 Finest #4 ($12)
2009 Limited #57 ($25)
2009 SP Signature #104 ($N/A)

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