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Justin Bieber can’t play hockey, so he did the next best thing to get on a card by Susan Lulgjuraj

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Contributing Editor

Justin Bieber dreamed of being a hockey player with his own trading card when he grew up.

While the pop sensation didn’t fulfill his first dream, the Canadian singer is living out his second at 16 years old.

Panini America released the official Justin Bieber trading card set – just in time for Christmas for his millions of fans worldwide. The collection features 150 unique trading cards with 30 stickers. Inserts in the set include 12 Spellbound cards, nine puzzle pieces that form a poster, 18 Download cards and 10 XXOO cards.

The Bieber set will also have 500 autograph cards randomly inserted. Even if you aren’t a Bieber fan (and quite possibly are not if you are part of our typical audience here), these autographs could sell for a decent amount of money on eBay. Maybe enough to get a baseball or football card you’ve been eying as a self-Christmas present.

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Panini’s Tracy Hackler takes back seat to real rock star by Chris Olds

We all know Beckett Media’s Panini America‘s Tracy Hackler acts like a box-busting rock star, but on Monday he took a back seat to a real rock star, Jonathan Cook lead singer for Forever The Sickest Kids.

Cook, who is a collector and Dallas Cowboys fan, is the nephew of Panini America’s Ted Barker (working the camera). He sat down with Hackler to open a box of 2010 Epix football cards for what you’ll find above.

What will they find inside? Watch and find out …

And if you’re not familiar with FTSK, you might have seen this video for their biggest hit so far on MTV or on heavy rotation awhile back.

Ozzy Osbourne: An absolute Iron Man when signing autographs by Chris Olds

By CHRIS OLDS | Beckett Baseball Editor

My Saturday morning started off like few others — my alarm clock went off at 7:30.

Why? Heavy metal icon Ozzy Osbourne was in town to sign copies of his new book I am Ozzy — currently charting on The New York Times Best-Seller List — at a Dallas Barnes & Noble, and I had to be at the store by 9 a.m. to get a wristband and assure myself of a chance at an autograph.

Here’s where I’d quote lyrics from one of Osbourne’s favorite bands, The Beatles“Woke up, fell out of bed/Dragged a comb across my head/Found my way downstairs and drank a cup/And looking up I noticed I was late” — but that didn’t even happen. I was in too much of a hurry.

It takes a pretty big-name celeb for me to go hounding these days — or in this case standing in line for the book-signing cattle-call — but in my mind Osbourne is hands down one of the most iconic figures in the history of heavy metal, so this event was a must.

I braved the cold Dallas morning (only slowed by having to scrape a light layer of ice off my car’s windows) and ventured forth in search of the signature of The Prince of *@¢*!$% Darkness.

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*** CONTEST CLOSED *** FREE STUFF FRIDAY: Contest No. 6 — A Press Pass KISS Tour Edition box set by Chris Olds
October 16, 2009, 3:26 pm
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We’ve got more on tap this afternoon on Free Stuff Friday … including a pair of big-name NBA and NFL star autographs. However, one of these sets can be yours  right now.

logoHow can you win what you see above? Follow the directions below and answer the questions below in a comment right here …  it’s that simple.

Tips: Don’t try stuffing the comments box — we’ll check IP addresses — and make sure to include your name and email address so you can be contacted if you win. (Also note that you will see your comment on your screen after posting but that doesn’t indicate its order of posting as it has not yet been approved. WordPress’ time-stamping of comments once all are approved will determine the winner.)

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Yes, even music legend Les Paul has a trading card by Chris Olds


Les Paul, the inventor of the electric guitar, died on Thursday in White Plains, N.Y., at age 94.

Paul’s influence on music is as obvious as what resides in many a musician’s hands, but he’s also credited with creating multi-track recording, which also has a very prominent place in music beside his famed guitars.

Paul and his wife, Mary Ford, racked up 36 gold records and 11 No. 1 hits, according to The Associated Press, and it’s fitting that they are pictured together on his lone trading card found in the Beckett Database.

They are featured together on card No. 45 in the 1960 Fleer Spins & Needles set, which features musicians and singers from that time. The 80-card set is valued at approximately $450, while the Paul-Ford card is a mere $6.

Chris Olds has collected sports cards and memorabilia since 1987. Before coming to Beckett Media, he wrote about the hobby for the Orlando Sentinel on his blog, SportsStuff, and for the San Antonio Express-News and The Tuscaloosa (Ala.) News. Do you have a comment, question or idea? Send e-mail to him at

Preview gallery: 2009 Donruss Americana by Chris Olds


We taped our Box Busters episode days ago (find it here), but 2009 Donruss Americana doesn’t arrive in hobby shops until Wednesday.

While this year’s set has a slightly smaller checklist, it has some new features (and new names) that should give collectors a few more things to add to their want lists.

(And we’ll say it again … the packaging is cool, too.)

Check out this preview gallery courtesy of Panini America. (Click on the images for a closer look.)

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A very special episode of Box Busters … featuring the KISS Army by Chris Olds


Forget sports cards … an Army came to Dallas and they were breathing fire, spitting up blood, throwing the goat and ripping packs with the dial turned up to 11.

That’s right, members of the KISS Army invaded Beckett Media for some Box Busters action with the new KISS IKons trading card set from Press Pass. Get the details on the set right here.

And see all of the box-busting action here.

Do you want to win a box of KISS cards? Watch the video to find out how …

Chris Olds has collected sports cards and memorabilia since 1987. Before coming to Beckett Media, he wrote about the hobby for the Orlando Sentinel on his blog, SportsStuff, and for the San Antonio Express-News and The Tuscaloosa (Ala.) News. Do you have a comment, question or idea? Send e-mail to him at