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Box Busters: 2009-10 Panini Hall of Fame Basketball by Tracy Hackler

Join the Beckett Basketball tag team of Keith Hower and Tracy Hackler as they get handsy with two boxes of the legends-laced thrill ride known as 2009-10 Panini Hall of Fame Basketball.

Huge Gallery: Upcoming Basketball Gems from Panini America by Tracy Hackler

Panini America officials on Tuesday afternoon provided Beckett Media with a sizable sneak peek of some of the company’s sweet hoops cards slated to debut beginning later this month.

Included in this breathtaking batch of images are some nickname-emblazoned gems from 2009-10 Panini Hall of Fame, due out next week, and some never-before-seen cards from the 2010-11 NBA Draft Class, including “octograph” eight-signature Pen Pals cards and the first peek at 2010-11 Panini Threads, featuring the company’s exclusive spokesmen, John Wall, Evan Turner and Wesley Johnson.

Stay tuned to for additional information on all of Panini America’s basketball plans.

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Box Busters Gallery: 2009-10 Panini NBA Season Update by Tracy Hackler

We got an early glimpse at 2009-10 Panini NBA Season Update today and it appears that the autograph and memorabilia card odds are better than first reported. Like, two times better.

Preliminary information indicated that each 24-pack box would yield one autograph card and two memorabilia cards. But the box we opened earlier today included two autographs (including a redemption for a Patrick Mills Prestige Draft Picks Rights) and four memorabilia cards.

No word from Panini America officials yet on whether this is an across-the-board odds adjustment or if Hot Boxes exist.

The catch-all, season-in-review product includes updated photography from the NBA season’s second half, Highlights cards honoring team and individual milestones and Christmas Cards featuring pieces of game-worn jerseys from the NBA’s Christmas games last year. (While the Christmas Cards are actually a really nice touch, it seems a little odd pulling them from a new product in late August.)

The product also strives to provide checklist-finishing autographed “updates” to a handful of previous 2009-10 Panini NBA products, including Prestige, Threads and Rookies and Stars.

Stay tuned to Friday for what promises to be a scintillating Box Busters episode on the product, which release next Wednesday. For now, enjoy this image-heavy sneak peek:

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Amazing Dunks, Insane Trick Shots at the 2010 Panini NBA Rookie Photo Shoot by Tracy Hackler

If you think all that went on at last week’s 2010 Panini NBA Rookie Photo Shoot was acquiring autographs, conducting interviews and snapping pictures for the express purpose of making 2010-11 NBA trading cards, well, do yourself a favor and devote less than three minutes to this must-see video.

From captivating trick shots to mesmerizing slam dunks, this behind-the-scenes video from the event must be seen to be believed. The highly entertaining footage promises to give hoops collectors a deeper appreciation for the 2010-11 rookie class.

Gallery: Signature Moves at the 2010 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot by Tracy Hackler

Despite the countless hours of behind-the-scenes legwork that go into preparing for any rookie photo shoot (let alone one that attracts more than 40 players like today’s just-completed 2010 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot), most collectors tend to strip the events down these days to two important questions: Will there be on-card autographs from the event and what do the photographs taken there look like?

In that order.

The captivating images that follow showcasing some of Panini America‘s 2010-11 NBA trading cards — and the young NBA superstars signing them — should provide some early answers to those two key questions.

Enjoy the gallery and stay tuned to for additional coverage of the 2010 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot.

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Sneak Peek: 2010-11 Limited Basketball Same Day Rookie Signatures (Unsigned) by Tracy Hackler

Panini America officials are taking advantage of the unprecedented access provided by today’s 2010 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot to acquire as many on-card autographs for the 2010-11 NBA card season as possible.

Some of the cards being signed, perhaps as you read this, are these 2010-11 Limited Same Day Rookie Signatures.

Although the cards shown here haven’t been signed yet, we thought they were worth a first look.

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Beckett On Location: The 2010 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot by Tracy Hackler

Beckett correspondent Michael Eisner (no, not that Michael Eisner) is on location today inside the MSG Training Center in Tarrytown, N.Y., covering the 2010 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot and Panini America‘s cardmaking exploits there.

The big news of the day so far: Panini America President Mark Warsop confirmed to MSNBC’s Darren Rovell that the company has signed No. 1 overall pick John Wall to a one-year exclusive.

Eisner’s got his hands full attempting to track down, interview and photograph more than 40 of the NBA’s brightest young players, but he managed to file a few quick snapshots during a harried lunch break.

His task this afternoon is to get as many close-up card pics as possible. So stay tuned . . .

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