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Upper Deck takes aim at fairway with new releases by Chris Olds
January 31, 2011, 8:59 pm
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By Chris Olds | Editor

Upper Deck has its sights set on a return to the golf world sometime soon and a pair of future products will include a golf card first and a big batch of Tiger Woods.

Those are things that golf fans — who have been without a set of their own since 2005 — will undoubtedly appreciate.

Up first, is a first — Bubba Watson‘s first Upper Deck golf card. It will appear in 2011 Goodwin Champions, which will arrive later this year.

Upper Deck’s Sports Marketing and Social Media Manager Chris Carlin had additional details.

“We’ve reached a deal with the 2011 Farmers Insurance Open winner for image rights and autographs,” he said. “That’s kind of big news as many were wondering if we would ever produce Goodwin Champions again. The last Goodwin Champions set had a lot of very unique and innovative trading card inserts sets, so we are very excited to bring that product back with even more bells and whistles that will be announced in the coming months.

“Watson’s first autograph cards will appear in 2011 Upper Deck Ultimate Champions, a cross-sport product with a high-end look and feel.”

The second item — a whole lot of Tiger — can be seen after the jump.

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Upper Deck maintains its support of Tiger Woods by Chris Olds
February 19, 2010, 2:45 pm
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With Tiger Woods’ first public comments about his transgressions on Friday, there will be plenty of discussion about Woods’ future with sponsors and with other business ties.

His largest tie that collectors would be concerned with — his deal with Upper Deck as a company spokesman — remains secure as the company will continue to support the golfer.

“Upper Deck continues to stand by Tiger Woods and wishes him all the best on his road to recovery,” Upper Deck Spokesman Terry Melia said in a statement on Friday. “Our exclusive autographed memorabilia contract with Tiger remains intact.”

Chris Olds is the editor of Beckett Baseball and Beckett Graded Card Investor. Have a comment, question or idea? Send an e-mail to him at

Is it time to buy or sell on Tiger Woods? by Chris Olds


Few athletes have had as polished an image, a brand, as Tiger Woods.

And when it comes to sports cards and memorabilia, Woods is among a select few whose autographed items have been sure things if talking “investment” and future strength based on what’s been achieved and what should be to come.

Few autographs are in as much demand among living athletes than those penned by Tiger.

But prolonged silence after an auto accident last week and a subsequent apology today for “transgressions” — precisely what hasn’t been stated, but most of us can read between the lines — one thing’s for sure.

That image, that brand, is no longer as polished. And that, combined with injuries in recent years as well as the inevitable fact that his golf game will  diminish with age, one has to ask.

Is it time to buy or is it time to sell?

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Thursday is Exquisite Pack-out Day and we’ve got a sneak peek at the six biggest cards by Chris Olds

MJTW 1-3

Thursday marks a national holiday of sorts if you’re a high-end card collector as Upper Deck‘s recently announced 2009-10 Exquisite Basketball set will be packed out at the company’s printing facility.

Well, really, it’s more like a three-day holiday weekend that begins tomorrow as it will take that many days for the company to hand-package its final Exquisite set — which is already commanding top dollar just days after its unveiling and just days before its arrival next week.

Each five-card pack will be filled by hand and Upper Deck will take you there via its Facebook page found here. (We’ll post a few pics here, too, from throughout the “weekend.”)

But you don’t have to wait to see six of the best possible finds in the product as we have exclusive images of the entire runs of Tiger Woods-Michael Jordan autographs and LeBron James-Tiger Woods autographs — three cards apiece — right here.

It goes without saying the significance of these cards, which transcend just basketball as they are signed by three of the biggest-name athletes in the world.

What will they command? We’ll have to wait and see.

For now, though, they can all be seen after the jump.

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Is Tiger Woods’ Rookie Card the Greatest of All-Time? by Tracy Hackler

TigerSPA (1)

Tiger. Woods. Two words, untold brilliance.

His is the face not of golf, but of the transcendently dominant athlete regardless of sport. The embodiment of what happens when extreme God-given gifts meld with an inhumane work ethic to create something the likes of which sports fans rarely witness: The capture of perfection.

Everything Woods does seems unfairly effortless. He’s an artist – Pollock with a putter, Donatello with a driver – whose swing is equal parts Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales (poetry in motion) and Shakira’s “She Wolf” music video (must-see TV).

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Ever wonder what Tiger Woods thinks about his memorabilia? by Chris Olds

Ever wanted to see what an athlete says about what he signs? Upper Deck did just that with Tiger Woods as he recaps some of the situations from his career as he signed items for UDA recently. Check it out.

Tiger Woods’ Champ’s autographs include variants by Chris Olds
March 27, 2009, 11:28 am
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Tiger Woods is included in Upper Deck‘s autographed mini cards in the 2008-09 NHL Champ’s product and Upper Deck announced on Friday that there are four different variations to be found.

According to Upper Deck, Woods signed cards with brown-, purple-, blue- and black-ink backs. The cards were inserted as redemptions.

So what was already a tough pull has gotten tougher to collect.

Chris Olds has collected sports cards and memorabilia since 1987. Before coming to Beckett Media, he wrote about the hobby for the Orlando Sentinel on his blog, SportsStuff, and for the San Antonio Express-News and The Tuscaloosa (Ala.) News. Do you have a comment, question or idea? Send e-mail to him at