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Figure skaters take center ice in new Upper Deck set by Chris Olds

With the Winter Olympics not long away, Upper Deck revealed on Wednesday that it’s added a twist to the insert card lineup in its upcoming second series of 2009-10 Hockey cards.

And it’s a twist that’s more like a double axel.

There will be 18 U.S. Olympic figure skaters from the past and present included in “The Champions” insert set — something the typical hockey fan wouldn’t expect to find along side guys like Martin Brodeur or Sidney Crosby.

“We’re extremely happy to be including U.S. figure skaters as part of this year’s inserts,” said Josh Zusman, Upper Deck’s hockey brand manager, in a release. “They are exciting to watch and consistently wow the crowds with their incredible routines and performances. We think card collectors will appreciate their inclusion.”

Rachael Flatt, Jeremy Abbott and Nancy Kerrigan are on the checklist —  as are Johnny Weir, Jojo Starbuck, Todd Gilles, Alexe Gilles, Piper Gilles, Madison Chock, Melissa Gregory, Brandon Mroz, Denis Petukhov, Jane Summersett, Timothy Goebel and Zach Donohue.

Upper Deck also intends to include autographed versions of their cards in upcoming hockey sets as well as several other Winter Olympics stars, a few of which are seen below.

How will collectors react? We’ll just have to wait and see. See more cards after the jump.

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