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The Crosby Show by Tracy Hackler


It’s 10:25 p.m. in Dallas and Sidney Crosby just won his first Stanley Cup in Detroit. For the record, there are 2,447 Crosby items on eBay at the moment, including almost five full pages of new listings.

Compare Crosby’s showing to that of Red Wings star Henrik Zetterberg, who helped vanquish Crosby’s Penguins last year to hoist the Cup but is being force fed a little role reversal this year. He’s got 429 items for sale right now, including just 29 that are newly listed.

It would appear that another Crosby craze is upon us – and for good reason. The kid who entered the league four years ago with the kind of pomp and circumstance normally reserved for guys named Gretzky — and only guys named Gretzky – skated his first Cup Friday night. That’s huge for hockey and for the hobby.

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Unique Photo: Babe Ruth’s Final Home Run by Pepper Hastings
October 17, 2007, 11:40 am
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Beckett HQ is the hub of sports collecting and our readers and associates bombard us with info and items. I received this interesting photo a couple of months ago from a private collector, who was considering auctioning it.

ruth1.jpgIt’s Babe Ruth, age 40, crossing the plate after career home run No. 714 in May 1935 in Pittsburgh.

 It was his last time to touch ’em all: his final ML game was five days later. Consider how many camera angles Barry Bond’s homer 715 was shown from and how much attention that garnered.

For what would become the most historic and talked about homer number for 80 years, it’s ironic that even the umpire isn’t paying any attention to Ruth’s toeing the plate. Ho hum, indeed. After all, it was Ruth’s third homer of the game.

Great photo, great piece of memorabilia. And until a few months ago, I didn’t even know it existed. Thanks to Good Reader Frank in D.C. for this one.

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