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In case you forgot … tonight is Rick Vaughn bobblehead night by Chris Olds

vaughnbobbleToday might as well be a national holiday — Rick Vaughn bobblehead night — in Cleveland where every fan in attendance will receive a nodder of “Wild Thing,” the greatest Indians pitcher in reel life.

The Indians will face the Milwaukee Brewers — and if you know your Wisconsin radio hosts that means that broadcasting legend Harry Doyle (aka Brewers Hall of Fame announcer Bob Uecker) will be on hand for the game.

Now for those of you who live juuuuuuuussssst a bit outside Cleveland, there’s already quite a market for the Vaughns over on eBay. Fifty of the bobbleheads have sold in the last 30 days — most for somewhere between $15 and $36 (not including shipping). Most of them have sold for $20-25.

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