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First look: 2010 Bowman Chrome baseball cards by Chris Olds

Topps released the basic set information and preview images for 2010 Bowman Chrome baseball cards on Wednesday, a set that will include a Chrome autograph of Washington Nationals rookie Stephen Strasburg.

And, yes, it will include an autographed SuperFractor.

It will arrive in mid-October packing one autograph per 18-pack hobby box. (Each pack will include two prospect cards and two veterans.) The autograph checklist will consist of 24 prospects who did not appear in 2010 Bowman.

The standard set inclusions will be 110 Chrome prospect cards — with the typical Refractor, Blue, Gold, Orange, Red and Supers — while there also will be 20 members of the USA Baseball 18U team  with signed cards. Those will be found one in five boxes (roughly two per case) as a bonus autograph, while there also will be 10 dual-signed USA autograph cards as well.

The Topps 100 Prospects set will return in Chrome with Super, Gold, and standard Refractors. Refractor quantities vary from set to set, though Reds are numbered to five, Orange to 25, Gold to 50 in most sets. Odds were not announced, but there will be approximately four USA Baseball cards per box, three Topps 100 cards per box and seven total Refractor cards per box.

The 220-card Chrome set will consist of 180 veterans and 40 rookies all with the rainbow of Refractors. Among the rookies in the set are Strasburg, Ian Desmond, Austin Jackson, Jason Heyward, Drew Storen, Ike Davis, Drew Stubbs, Starlin Castro and Tyler Colvin.

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First look: 2010 Topps Chrome football cards by Chris Olds

Topps released the basic preview images and product information for its 2010 Chrome football set on Monday, a rookie-laden product that will arrive in mid-October.

Loaded with a Rookie Card in every pack and an autograph in every 24-pack hobby box, Chrome will consist of 275 cards in the base set with 110 of them being veterans and 110 of them being rookies.

The familiar parallels return — SuperFractor, Gold, Black and standard Refractors — while rounding out the set there will be Rookie Autograph Patch cards as well as Rookie Autographs.

Also among the inserts are Bowman Chrome Autograph Refractors and standard Bowman Chrome Rookies.

Among the biggest highlights? A triple autograph of Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford and Jimmy Clausen.

The Bowman Chrome rookies checklist will include just 30 players only found in Topps Chrome. There will be Refractors and autographed Refractors of these cards.

Among the other inserts are Topps Reprints, Gridiron Lineage, Reprints Refractor autographs and Rookie Red Zone autographs.

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Box Busters On Location: 2010 Prestige Football at Panini America by Tracy Hackler

The Beckett crew does something it should have done a long time ago: Travel across town to Panini America headquarters for a stirring episode of Box Busters.

Panini America CEO Mark Warsop makes his Box Busters debut in grand style, with a surprise ending you have to see to believe.

First Impressions: 2010 Prestige Football by Tracy Hackler

Imagine my surprise this afternoon when the mail arrived and in it — about a week earlier than expected — were two boxes of 2010 Prestige Football. For a diehard football fan eaten up right now with NFL Draft fever and a bad case of Tebow mania, it was kind of like Christmas in May.

(Unfortunately, there wasn’t a Tebow to be found in the one box we opened. My football fix, however, was fixed — at least for now.)

We opened one box this afternoon for the express purpose of providing our pigskin-starved visitors with an early look at the first 2010 NFL product.  As for the second 24-pack box, we have a special Box Busters episode planned for that one, so stay tuned.

After the jump you’ll be treated to a wealthy dose of images from the product. Right now, I’ll share just a few quick thoughts on what I think is a rather pleasing start to a history-in-the-making 2010 product season.

* Prestige packs a robust amount of content in every box with 24 Rookie Cards (one per pack) and 24 inserts/parallels (one per pack). The variety of design between the base 200-card set, the 100-card Rookie subset, the inserts and the parallels serves as visual Vivarin, breaking up any monotony that might surface between the first pack and the 24th.

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How hot are Jason Heyward’s baseball cards? by Chris Olds

Atlanta Braves outfielder Jason Heyward’s baseball cards have been among the hottest in the hobby for the last month or so and an apparent eBay sale this weekend shows that once again.

His 2008 Bowman Chrome Prospects SuperFractor reportedly sold for $7,000 on Sunday, a transaction that has not yet been verified on eBay.

While that’s some substantial money for a hot rookie’s card, it’s not the most ever paid for a SuperFractor. Here’s a rundown of the 30 previous most-expensive Beckett-documented sales (note that the 2005 Ryan Braun has reportedly changed hands a few times) of Bowman Chrome SuperFractors as tracked by Beckett Baseball Senior Market Analyst Brian Fleischer

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MLBP settlement with Upper Deck settles RC tag issue by Chris Olds

After following the secondary market and considering input on the subject from dealers and collectors, a determination has been made regarding the Beckett Rookie Card designation for applicable cards in the 2009 Ultimate Collection, 2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars and 2010 Upper Deck Series 1 baseball releases.

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