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Beckett Tip Sheet: Where can you land an autograph? by Chris Olds

By Chris Olds | Editor

It’s no secret that the autograph is key to many a sports products these days as those certified authentic slips of the pen turn cardboard into collecting gold.

But the certified autograph is not the only way a collector can land a treasured item.

In fact, many a signer of certified autographs actually signs in other ways — ways that collectors may not always think about in a world of commodified, short-print chases and dreaming of winning mylar-wrapped lotteries. It may sound like common sense, but there are other ways to track down signatures besides ripping packs and buying singles at the card shop or online.

Here’s a rundown of ways that collectors — beginners through the long-time hobby veterans — should always consider trying to land an autograph without hitting up a pack of cards or buying a certified signature straight from a trusted dealer.

These days, it’s pretty common for athletes and celebrities to have their own websites where they sell autographed items directly to the public. The signed copy of WWE Magazine above, for example, was purchased on Trish Stratus‘ website, There, the former multi-time women’s champion sells signed magazines, books, photos, posters and more. If you have your own particular item you want signed, she’ll ink it up for a $10 fee.

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How you could spend Derek Jeter’s $15 million … by Chris Olds

By Chris Olds | Editor

We all know that Derek Jeter and the New York Yankees are millions of dollars apart in their contract negotiations, but few of us can truly comprehend what that means.

After all, just one million would keep more than a few of us occupied — even that Dr. Evil guy, who we hear is an avid reader.

But how can we show casual sports fans just how far apart the negotiations are between the 27-time World Series champs and their captain who is now a free agent?

Easy. Some other numbers — some stats we might be able to comprehend. Here’s how you might be able to spend $15 million … the amount that Jeter was reportedly offered by the Yankees but wasn’t good enough:

— A million copies of Jeter’s 1993 Topps Rookie Card. Given that it was 1993, there are surely a million copies out there … they really let the presses roll back then.

— 1,153 game-used Jeter jerseys from Steiner Sports — if he somehow has that many more games to play.

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Would you want to own a New York Yankees office chair? by Chris Olds

By Chris Olds | Editor

It’s probably not quite ergonomically sound and it’s probably not going to be expensed– at least not by me — but there’s a new office chair that just might be a hit among many executives in the sports world and in more than a few dens around the world.

Well, at least if the owners are fond of New York Yankees pinstripes.

Steiner Sports has unveiled a new offering among its game-used Yankee Stadium memorabilia lineup — and it’s something that just might get some attention around the office for being one part memorabilia and one part daily life accessory.

It’s the Yankee Stadium office chair.

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Steiner Sports teams up with Madison Square Garden by Susan Lulgjuraj

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Contributing Editor

One of the leaders in sports collectibles is teaming up with the World’s Most Famous Arena. Madison Square Garden and Steiner Sports Collectibles announced a memorabilia partnership what will feature items from the New York Knicks, Rangers, Liberty and MSG.

“We are extremely excited to be working with the most famous arena on the planet, and with Scott O’Neil and his management team,” said Steiner chairman Brandon Steiner. “Artifacts featuring the memories of yesterday and future historic moments will be embraced by fans of the Garden and the teams.”

Steiner Sports already has deals with a number of New York-based athletes such as Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and Eli Manning. It adds MSG to its already extensive group of partnerships, which include New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, Dallas Cowboys, Syracuse, Notre Dame and the University of Alabama.

View a gallery after the jump.

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It’s official: Mets fans like Ike (Davis, that is) by Chris Olds

If there’s one thing that the rest of us should understand, it’s that when it comes to fans of New York teams there’s seemingly always plenty of demand for their autographs and memorabilia.

And the latest example is New York Mets first baseman Ike Davis.

Steiner Sports is holding the first private signing session with the Mets rookie next week and Steiner’s Billy Bahnsen reports that demand has been very, very high for items signed by the Arizona State product who is hitting .333 with a homer and five RBI in his first nine big-league games.

“The pre-orders have come flying in to the tune of almost 350,” Bahnsen said. “Without question, it’s the highest non-[Derek]Jeter pre-order in a number of years. ”

And, in fact, Steiner’s pre-order total allocation is now sold out.

Perhaps helping that are the relatively affordable prices for Davis’ memorabilia — baseballs are $59.99, while 8x10s are $49.99. (It’s inevitable that Davis’ rates will increase if he keeps up his strong play in New York and has continued demand for his autographs, too.)

Alabama Crimson Tide heats things up on auction block & with upcoming appearance on NASCAR track at Talladega by Chris Olds

Do you call yourself the biggest Alabama Crimson Tide fan? You aren’t without this…

The 16-foot wide logo from the floor of the national champions’ locker room from Bryant-Denny Stadium is up for grabs — and already has hit $7,600 on the auction block with more than six weeks remaining. (Click here to view the auction.)

The 13-time national champions have a partnership with Steiner Sports to bring game-used and other memorabilia to collectors (much like the New York Yankees and Dallas Cowboys). The floor logo is just the latest to be found in the “Alabama Collectibles by Steiner Sports” offerings.

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Inside the Steiner Sports warehouse with MLB & New York Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher by Chris Olds

Ever wondered what treasures are hidden inside the multi-million-dollar inventory of a major sports memorabilia dealer like Steiner Sports?

MLB recently went inside Steiner and caught up with New York Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher as he signed for Steiner. Check out the video above — tt’s not new, but it’s still cool.

Is your New York Yankees collection in the black? by Chris Olds

While many collectors often buy items that might make their back accounts — and, in turn, their collections — in the red, there’s a recent addition to the Yankee Stadium memorabilia lineup from Steiner Sports that’s all about being in the black.

What is it?

It’s a piece of “The Black” — the center field area behind the pitcher in the old stadium that allowed for hitters to be able to see the ball coming from the pitcher.  In many stadiums, a tarp will often block any seats that may be in that area, but not in New York.

Collectors — diehards who must have everything Yankees — can get a piece of The Black for $99.99 which comes in an engraved display case.

The chunks are MLB-authenticated, however Steiner does note that the size and shape of the game-used Black piece will vary.

Chris Olds is the editor of Beckett Baseball and Beckett Graded Card Investor. Have a comment, question or idea? Send an e-mail to him at

Now on the auction block: An authentic Yankee Stadium media room telephone by Chris Olds

Just in case you know one of those New York Yankees fan who has everything, there’s a new item on the auction block that just might be right for them as the holiday season is upon us.

Available right now from Steiner Auctions (and ending Dec. 7) is an MLB-authenticated Yankees Media Room telephone.

That’s right, a media telephone — not one of those snazzy make-a-call-to-the-bullpen types used by an un-average Joe (Torre or Girardi), but one of those phones used by more than a few Joe Schmoes. It was used by, you know, those [insert adjective here] reporters, through the years.

(Oh, and if that’s not enough for you, Steiner’s throwing in a 16×20 autographed World Series photo of Nick Swisher.)

We’re not sure how many telephones were authenticated by MLB — but something tells us that someone, somewhere might be able tell us — and we’re not really sure just how many phones were in the media room, anyway. (Dallas is a ways away from The Bronx.)

But we can pretty much expect that when it comes to authenticated sports memorabilia there isn’t much out there quite like this.

Oh, and the current bid? User dbre7 is in for $1.

Chris Olds is the editor of Beckett Baseball and Beckett Graded Card Investor. Have a comment, question or idea? Send an e-mail to him at

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— Tracy Hackler

Team-signed New York Yankees memorabilia tops Steiner Sports’ new offerings by Chris Olds


Want yet another way to quantify just how dedicated and passionate New York Yankees fans can be?

Look no further than Steiner Sports’ Yankees World Series collection, which includes several limited edition team-signed items from this year’s championship team.

Some might say they’re pricey — and they are — but without someone to buy them Steiner couldn’t sell them. There’s undoubtedly interest in those powerful pinstripes so much so that a $20 baseball above once signed by a team (how much does ink cost these days?) will run $3,499.

Here’s a rundown of what can be found in Steiner’s Yankees section:

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New York Yankees’ Mark Teixeira signs exclusive autograph deal with Steiner Sports by Chris Olds

teixSteiner Sports announced on Thursday that it has signed New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira to an exclusive collectibles and autograph deal.

The move, announced by Steiner founder and CEO Brandon Steiner, has the slugger joining the likes of Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte, Jorge Posada, Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes and Yankees manager Joe Girardi in Steiner’s exclusive roster.

“Steiner Sports is extremely excited to add New York’s All-Star first baseman as part of our exclusive roster,” Steiner said in a release.  “We look forward to working with Mark, an all-star both on and off the field, on many of our upcoming projects.”

Teixeira’s first memorabilia line will include autograhed baseballs, photos, jerseys, bats, hats and batting helmets.

Chris Olds is the editor of Beckett Baseball and Beckett Graded Card Investor. Have a comment, question or idea? Send an e-mail to him at

What does a player collect? New York Yankees OF Nick Swisher tells you that (and more) by Chris Olds

New York Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher is a big Ohio State football fan and he’s also a collector.

What does he have stashed away in his personal collection?

Steiner Sports lets you know in the video from a recent signing above.

What You Missed Yesterday: Tuesday, Oct. 6 by Tracy Hackler


Miss one day of Beckett Media’s unparalleled online coverage of the sports collectibles industry and you miss a lot. In fact, here’s what you missed yesterday, Tuesday, Oct. 6.

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— Tracy Hackler

Exclusive Images: Inside the Steiner Sports Vault by Tracy Hackler


We recently dispatched native New Yorker and Beckett correspondent Mike Eisner (no, not that Mike Eisner) to Steiner Sports headquarters in New Rochelle, N.Y., for an exclusive look behind the scenes at a most impressive sports memorabilia operation.

Steiner’s Billy Bahnsen was a tremendously gracious host who provided Eisner and Beckett with tremendous access to some of his company’s coolest items.

We have plans to incorporate a photo feature in a future issue of Beckett Sports Card Monthly, but since we were either a) blown away by Eisner’s extraordinary photojournalism skills, or b) blown away by the really cool nature of the subject matter, we wanted to share a sneak preview gallery with you now.

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Grey Flannel and Steiner Sports team up by Chris Olds


Grey Flannel Auctions and Steiner Sports announced on Wednesday that the companies have established a marketing relationship that will mean that items from Steiner’s exclusive deal with the New York Yankees will get added attention on the auction block.

steinerThe Steiner portion of Grey Flannel’s upcoming sale will include game-used jerseys of Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez as well autographed items available only via Steiner.

“Grey Flannel Auctions and Steiner Sports are joining forces to cross-promote our respective sales taking place in early December,” said Richard E. Russek, Grey Flannel’s president, in a release. “In addition, Grey Flannel’s December sale, which will feature rare, game-used jerseys and memorabilia, will also include a special selection of approximately 200 tremendous lots from Steiner Sports. Wherever we go to publicize our sale, including shows, malls and other events, we’ll be bringing along choice highlights from the Steiner selection.”
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Steiner unveils Derek Jeter 2,722nd hit collection by Chris Olds


Steiner Sports Memorabilia revealed on Monday its line of Derek Jeter autographed memorabilia celebrating his record-breaking hit on Friday night.

Jeter became the New York Yankees’ franchise hits leader on Friday, surpassing Lou Gehrig with his 2,722nd hit, a rain-soaked grounder in the third inning off Baltimore’s Chris Tillman.

And with Jeter’s record comes a selection of autographed memorabilia to capture the moment as he will sign baseballs, photos and jerseys with “2,722” and “9/11/09” markings as well as limited-edition bats.

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USA Today: Jason Giambi buys his old Yankees locker by Chris Olds


USA Today’s Game On has an interesting story on how well the Steiner Sports sale of Yankee Stadium memorabilia has been going — well enough to the tune of eight-figures (i.e. more than $10,000,000) so far.

And some of the deep-pocketed collectors are the Yankees themselves — as well as former Yankees. Jason Giambi, now with the Oakland A’s, purchased his old locker for $50,000.

Read more about the Yankees (and others) who are collecting here.