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TRISTAR goes extreme with latest TNA Wrestling card set by Chris Olds

By Chris Olds | Editor

The legendary names are in there, but this time it’s a trading card set with some edge.

A razor’s edge to some degree — you know, what some wrestlers use to be busted open — as TRISTAR‘s latest TNA Wrestling set is called TNA Xtreme and it arrives late this month with a heavy dose of the extreme-style wrestlers the company has utilized lately.

Oh, and it will apparently include the remnants of some scissors’ edges, too, as there will be Lovely Locks Hair Cards that will be signed by one of four TNA Knockouts — the company’s female competitors — and include a strand of their actual hair embedded into the card.

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FREE STUFF FRIDAY (8-27) — The short & sweet edition by Chris Olds

We’re back with another Free Stuff Friday, our weekly chance to get cool stuff into collectors’ hands.

Here’s a rundown of this week’s contests … click on the links to enter and win.

No. 1– A 2009 Ballpark Collection Joe Mauer-Jorge Posada-Pudge Rodriguez-Randy Johnson-Johan Santana-Kerry Wood six-piece game-used jersey card

No. 2 — A 2010 TRISTAR TNA Icons Sting autograph (only 25 exist)

No. 3 — A 2010 Topps National Chicle Ryan Howard Bazooka autograph (only 99 exist)

***NOW CLOSED*** FREE STUFF FRIDAY (8-27) Contest No. 2 — A 2010 TRISTAR TNA Icons Sting autograph (only 25 exist) by Chris Olds

We’re back with another Free Stuff Friday — our weekly ritual where we try and get some cool stuff into the hands of our readers just for answering some simple card-related trivia.

How can you win? Follow the directions below and answer the questions below in a comment right here …  it’s that simple.

Tips: Don’t try stuffing the comments box — it’s one try per person per contest and we’ll check IP addresses — and make sure to include your name and email address so you can be contacted if you win.

Get the question(s) after the jump …

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Card gallery: TRISTAR TNA Icons wrestling cards by Chris Olds

You’ve probably seen the Box Busters episode, but we wanted to make sure you got a closer, sharper, look at some of the cards to be found in the latest Total Nonstop Action wrestling card set from TRISTAR, 2010 TNA Icons.

The design of the autograph cards seems to be stepped up and the photography, as always, is rich with a mix of studio and action images from TNA’s official photographer, Lee South.

See a selection of the cards from the set that arrived in hobby shops last week after the jump.

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Exclusive gallery — TNA: The New Era Obak insert cards by Chris Olds

While TRISTAR‘s upcoming TNA Wrestling set doesn’t arrive in hobby shops until the end of the month, we’ve got a sneak peek at all 10 of the retro-styled Obak insert cards that will be found in TNA: The New Era.

The 10 Obak cards will be limited to just 600 copies per card when the product arrives on April 28.

They’re designed after the 1800s tobacco baseball cards of the same name.

The checklist includes Hulk Hogan, The Beautiful People, Ric Flair, Mick Foley, AJ Styles, Sting and more.

See all of the cards after the jump …

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TRISTAR releases more details on “TNA: The New Era” card set by Chris Olds

The TNA Wrestling card news from Monday had plenty of impact, but here’s more.

TRISTAR‘s upcoming TNA: The New Era set won’t just be packing the greatest wrestling card ever made, but it will be packing plenty more where that came from.

There will be two autographs and one memorabilia card per 20-pack box with one parallel card and two Obak cards also along for the ride, but the real highlights will be the autograph and memorabilia cards that can be found.

The product will include the first wrestling cards signed by “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair and several signed cards for Hulk Hogan, who appears on more than 30 different cards in the product.

There will be a Hogan-Flair dual, a Hogan-Sting dual, a Hogan-Dixie Carter dual, a Hogan-Mick Foley dual, a Hogan-Kevin Nash dual …get the picture?

There also will be variation autographs with differing photos as well as autographed memorabilia cards and multiple-piece memorabilia cards, too. The memorabilia checklists are small, but there will be autographed memorabilia cards for Hogan, Flair, Sting, Foley and more.

And even the standard autograph checklist has plenty of first-time signers — Lacey Von Erich (the daughter of Texas wrestling icon Kerry Von Erich), Brian Knobs, Jerry Sags and even controversial radio host Bubba The Love Sponge, who has had a small — and controversial — role in TNA.

As with other TRISTAR hobby runs, the product will be somewhat limited. There will be only 100 cases created, with each box serial-numbered. You can read more about the product — and get checklists — by clicking here.

See more images after the jump. (Click for a closer look.)

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TNA’s New Era takes wrestling cards to new heights by Chris Olds

Cue up “Sprach Zarathustra” (aka “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair‘s theme music) because that’s the greatest professional wrestling card ever made.

Without question — at least in this writer’s mind.

The Hulk Hogan-Flair-Sting-Kevin Nash autograph card above is among some of the highlights that will be found in TRISTAR‘s forthcoming TNA: The New Era professional wrestling card set.

Hogan is the biggest household name in the modern era. Flair is considered by purists to be the greatest wrestler ever. Sting is one of the most charismatic performers ever, while Nash is perhaps among some of the best big men in wrestling history.

And they’re all found on one card.

The product, which will arrive next month, reflects a new time in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling as the company has changed its face to compete with World Wrestling Entertainment in several ways.

Flair, who has appeared on only one other pack-released certified autograph — a Donruss Americana non-sport autograph released last year — will have his first autographed wrestling cards found in these packs, while new faces to TNA like Hogan, Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam also will have prominent places in the forthcoming set.

TNA: The New Era will arrive on April 28.

Chris Olds is the editor of Beckett Baseball. Have a comment, question or idea? Send an e-mail to him at Follow him on Twitter by clicking here.

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