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EXCLUSIVE: Accountant says harassment, negativity prompted sale of Strasburg SuperFractor by Chris Olds

Robert J. Power discusses his decision to sell the Stephen Strasburg SuperFractor with Beckett Baseball’s Chris Olds Tuesday afternoon in Dallas after he completed the transaction.

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Strasburg SuperFractor owner tries for “Hail Mary” in wake of Red 1/1 auction by Chris Olds

Update: The reserve has been met, so the card will likely sell a second time unless he cancels the auction.

Robert J. Power, the owner of the Stephen Strasburg SuperFractor from 2010 Bowman, confirmed to Beckett Media on Tuesday morning that it is, indeed, his card and his auction legitimately on eBay.

While it may appear that he’s working on a quick flip of the card that has gotten him national attention, including an interview on ESPN’s “First Take,” Power said his intention wasn’t that at all. He said the attention that the Strasburg 1/1 Red autograph auction is getting (after 103 bids, it’s presently at $36,100)  prompted his decision.

“That is my auction,” he said Tuesday of the SuperFractor offering. “I saw what the Red auto 1/1 is going for, so I thought I’d throw up a Hail Mary.

“My reserve price most likely won’t be met,  so it won’t sell.  I am actually hoping to keep the card, it will be worth more in the future, but $35,000 for the Red Auto kind of blew me away.”

The SuperFractor sat at $15,800 after 41 bids Tuesday morning.

It’s worth noting that the Red auction does not require pre-approved bidders, which, in the case of a high-profile card such as this, can  increase the likelihood of a non-sale.

Strasburg’s next start is Wednesday against the Kansas City Royals (29-42).

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Stephen Strasburg SuperFractor auction ends at $16,403 by Chris Olds

UPDATE: The auction ended at $16,403 on Saturday evening with 84 bids.

By Chris Olds | Beckett Baseball Editor

It’s the kind of big card that we all dream about pulling.

It’s the reason, right or wrong, that many of us bust box after box hoping for the cardboard gods to grace us with the discovery of a lifetime.

It’s the card that justifies our obsessions and could help fund a collection elsewhere — or just pay off those bills that often come with the collecting habit.

For 31-year-old Leo Kim, it’s a reality, and it’s a $16,304 Stephen Strasburg SuperFractor found in a pack of 2010 Bowman that is up for grabs on eBay right now.

It’s a card that’s been written about countless times already, had more bogus bids than usual for a high-profile auction and it’s one that could pay for a new car — or a whole lot of baseball cards — once it’s sold.

What are his plans?

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