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An open letter to Hollywood… by ejahnke

Hi Hollywood,

You don’t know me anymore, but I used to pay attention to you years ago.  I say “used to” because back about 10 years ago (roughly) in San Marcos, TX, I went to see a movie called “Face Off” on a date.

With rare exception, I haven’t been back to see you Hollywood, and as the weeks grew into months, and the months grew into years, I have not looked back.  I don’t regret it, Hollywood, there is no hole in my life and I do not feel anything is missing.  Frankly, Hollywood, your days of thrilling me are long over, and from what you have puked up since that dark and horrible date, I imagine there is little to no chance of them returning.

Still, Hollywood, this is America, and there is always a chance!  I firmly believe that, even with all of your garbage, your idiots, your smut, your anti-American propaganda, your plot-less hyper-gore flicks and your complete disdain of anything positive in this world.

You know why I think that, Hollywood?  You know why I think you can come back?

Two words:  Josh Hamilton.

Why would you want to write anything else BUT scripts that are similar to this man’s life?  Do you understand, Hollywood, that the folks in Yankee Stadium were chanting his name?  He was not in Arlington…this is Yankee Stadium.  That is nothing your best writers could come up with…ever.

Hollywood, I understand that you people know nothing about sports, after all, you have spewed forth such classics as Rocky V and Any Given Sunday. Still, even the worst hitters can get one every now and then.

This man has taken the literal roller coaster ride from the top at just 18-years-old to the very, very bottom just a few years later.  This is where you usually stop, Hollywood.  Once the good guy screws up and bottoms out.

Well, guess what Hollywood?   Josh Hamilton’s story did not stop there, he ignored your “The End” and climbed up out of his hole.

Novel concept, eh?

Even stranger to you, Hollywood, he actually took responsibility for his actions!  Nothing like your famous folk who swore to leave the country a few years back.  Can you even fathom someone standing up and saying, “Wow, I sure blew it, please forgive me.”

Blows your mind, doesn’t it, Hollywood?  Who would do such a thing?

Even better, this man, Josh Hamilton, is not afraid of his faith.  I am not saying everyone should be just like him, I am saying everyone should stop bashing those like him, no matter their religion.  Not to point fingers, but that would be me saying you are guilty, Hollywood.

Anyway, I know that you can do it!  Focus on the good things in life, like Josh Hamilton, and I bet you will be shocked at the folks that would come back to see you!

Josh looks like he will end up in second place, he has two outs left…so I guess that’s more your style Hollywood!  Wouldn’t want to be TOO positive, I would not want you to bite off more than you can chew, or blow your tiny, one-track minds!

Still, pay attention, you could learn something!