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Michael Vick’s Return to Football Cards by Tracy Hackler

2009 Upper Deck SPx Vick

Post-prison life just keeps getting better for the vastly vilified Michael Vick.

Vick, the disgraced former NFL superstar who spent the last two years in jail for his role in running a dogfighting ring, signed with the Philadelphia Eagles on Aug. 13, joining a team that needs more offensive skill like Beyonce needs voice lessons.

Now comes word from Topps and Upper Deck that Vick will also be returning to packs of football cards beginning next month. Upper Deck will include a short-printed Vick card into 2009 SPx, set to release Sept. 15. The card will be numbered as part of the 2009 Upper Deck set, which launches Sept. 1.

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So Michael Vick is a Philadelphia Eagle … by Chris Olds
August 14, 2009, 9:54 am
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So Michael Vick is a Philadelphia Eagle now.

That means a few things and raises a few questions. Will he appear on football cards from companies that previously excluded him in their football card sets? How many protests will there be? How soon will he play a meaningful game and make a meaningful impact?

One question has been answered — and it’s “What kind of Vick Eagles memorabilia will there be?” As with any high-profile signing or trade (controversial or not), there are jerseys to be sold. And, actually, they already are for sale on for $79.99 — and according to the sales pitch “Walking around wearing this Philadelphia Eagles Michael Vick replica jersey by Reebok® lets everyone know you’re a hardcore fan.”

Uh, yeah.

But there’s no image available. Why? He hasn’t officially been assigned a uniform number.

But over in custom jersey land (on NFL team sites), one can order up a jersey with a No. 7 and “Vick”  as seen above if they need one right now and can’t wait until they officially arrive with an official number next month.

However, when searching the jersey section of the Eagles’ site, there was another ironic reminder of the controversy that will dog Vick for the rest of his career. And it will only cost a fan $34.99 — a fraction of the Vick jersey.

What is it? See after the jump.

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