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TOTALLY FAKE BASEBALL CARDS: 29 Derek Jeters you won’t see in 2011 … and one you just might by Chris Olds

By Chris Olds | Editor | Commentary

The biggest drama in the baseball world these days is tailor-made for the major media outlets to chew on as it revolves around the most successful franchise in all of American sports, the 27-time champion New York Yankees, and its most-heralded modern-day player and career hits leader, Derek Jeter.

There really might not be a surer thing in today’s sports card world than Jeter, the icon of all icons in the country’s biggest media market, a player who gets a lot of the attention — and a lot of the credit for his team’s success — even if his batting average drops 64 points in a season.

And that’s precisely what has happened — both in the credit over the years and his fall in performance this past year. And that’s precisely why there’s a chance he might not be a Yankee next season, when he’ll likely become just the 28th member of the hallowed 3,000-hit club.

The dreams of many a memorabilia dealer might be dashed if that milestone is reached in anything other than Yankees pinstripes. After all, for all of the Yankees’ most-historic names — Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle and so on — none of them ever reached 3,000.

When, or if, Jeter hits 3,000 in Yankee Stadium? It will be one of those moments (you know, one without home runs and allegations later) that Major League Baseball has needed for some time, one of those moments that could carry some serious interest in cardboard and memorabilia.

Could all the oomph that Jeter carries among baseball fans — and particularly collectors — fade if he ends up elsewhere? Does he become Public Enemy No. 1 in New York if he were to somehow end up at shortstop for, say, the Boston Red Sox?

There are a lot of “what-ifs” with the Jeter case … one where he has an offer of $15 million a year for three years reportedly on the table from the Yanks (not good enough) and also one where he’s been told to shop his talents around MLB. After all, you can’t blame a guy for not wanting a pay cut, right?

Can you see Jeter in anything other than a Yankees uniform? It might be tough — but it’s not tough here as the curiosity got the best of me.

You can see for yourself — after the jump.

You won’t see the baseball cards presented here anywhere in 2011 — though I’ll confess I’d like to see one of these show up in, say, 2011 Topps Heritage as the look is modeled after a 1962 Topps card — but there will be at least one that is right.

After all, he has to end up somewhere, right?

With one portion Photoshop skills and one even bigger serving of PhotoChoppery, I assembled this collection of 30 cards. (Sure, a few have a big head here and there, but, hey, he just might be turning down $15 million to play for the Yankees … that takes some ego.)

First, though, here are five scenarios that gave me a chuckle — and you can see all 30 possibilities in the gallery below.

1. Jeter to the Pittsburgh Pirates: It’ll never happen, so soak it up here. We all know that with Jeter’s infallible leadership the Bucs would undoubtedly have their first winning season since 1992 — and, of course, they’d also win the World Series in 2011. The real disappointment for Jeter wouldn’t be the money or change of scenery — it’d be his forced uniform number change. (An “inside source” says the equipment manager will not cough up No. 2. He’s a Red Sox fan.)

2. Jeter to the Oakland Athletics: We all know A’s General Manager Billy Beane has money to burn this season — Eric Chavez is off the books — and we all know Beane likes “damaged goods” players as reclamation projects to flip at mid-season for a boatload of prospects. Now’s the time to exact revenge for the Yankees landing all those big-name A’s through the years — Reggie, Catfish, Mike Gallego, Jason Giambi — and take the one from the Yanks that will hurt. (And to add insult to injury, then trade him to the Red Sox at the deadline …) Get on it, Beane!

3. Jeter to the St. Louis Cardinals: We all know Cardinals fans will be bumming when … err if … Albert Pujols leaves via free agency, so perhaps a throwback-type of player will help soothe  wounds? How about by signing a player who’ll remind fans of a past star, a Gold Glover with real range that can rekindle visions of absolute Wizardry with his defense? Oh, wait … nevermind.

4. Jeter to the Colorado Rockies: Seriously, we all know that 64-point drop in Jeter’s batting average from 2009 to 2010 was a fluke. His numbers just can’t be in decline as he’s entering his late-thirties. Really. Sure, Denver has Tim Tebow to compete with, but if you put up numbers you can’t be forgotten … and your numbers can’t go down in Denver. The Rockies already have a star shortstop? Um, well …

5. Jeter returns to the Yankees: While part of me thinks that the top card seen here (Jeter to the Red Sox) might be the best way for a snubbed star to exact his revenge, this long-time Yankee hater (Yep, I said it.) hopes that Jeter — and the Yanks — but all the egos aside and do what’s right for the game and the franchise that he’s been a part of his entire career.

Let’s hope a baseball card like this one can be released in 2011.

Chris Olds is the editor of Beckett Baseball. Have a comment, question or idea? Send an e-mail to him at Follow him on Twitter by clicking here.

How about the rest of the teams? See them below. (Click for a closer look.)


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Jeter grew up a tigers fan so the only other uniform i could see him in is detroit. but as a tigers fan myself, i’d rather have jhonny peralta at shortstop.

Comment by President Obama

Great job! I will tell you as a Yankees fan this is totally painful. Nonetheless, he ads a touch of class to any uniform. The Yankees are lucky to have been graced with his presence all these years. He is a model player. Looking forward to seeing him hit 3000 as a NYY.

Comment by NYY Logo Girl

[…] This blogger photoshopped Derek Jeter as a member of the Red Sox and 28 other baseball teams. […]

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No – Jeter did not grow up a Tigers fan. As a Tigers fan, it’s one of the many reasons I can’t stand him. His father was a Tigers fan – but he claims he grew up a Yankees fan because his grandma lived in New Jersey and he spent summers there.

Comment by Eric W. Kent

[…] Derek Jeter and that made the internet rounds for a while, but now our friends at Beckett Media have taken the next step and put together fake baseball cards featuring Jeter wearing all 29 non-Yankees […]

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NO REAL fan in Boston wnats Jeter here. He can go to the Mets but we don’t want him.

Comment by Jtimes19

[…] […]

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mets dont want jeter he sucks

Comment by Anonymous

Props. You just made on these cards. PS: Puljos STAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by CardsFansInLV

I’m really concerned about what Hank and Hal are gonna do to the Yankees, if this is any indication.

Comment by Marcy S

[…] the Cincinnati Reds and, now, The Beckett Blog has just cut to the chase and photoshopped Jeet into the uniforms of the 29 other teams. My favorite three cards are above, but give the good folks at Beckett some traffic by searching […]

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I agree with the other comment…I’d rather have Peralta or Santiago than Jeter…he is all NY hype…he couldn’t carry Trammell’s jock!!

Comment by TrueTigerFan78

[…] Jeter wearing a different uniform? Beckett Media did. In a blog post by Chris Olds titled, “TOTALLY FAKE BASEBALL CARDS,” the company that prices baseball cards had some fun dreaming up cards of Jeter in every […]

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Oh that’s sick. Why did I ever click on this site? The Sawks uniform is a killer, a fate worse than death for my hero.

Comment by Anonymous

[…] To view what DJ looks like in any of the other MLB teams jerseys, CLICK HERE […]

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Red Schoendienst ain’t giving up his retired #2 to some young punk like Jeter!

Comment by Tregs

[…] Derek Jeter has been causing something of a stir. Supposedly, his representatives have actually been contacted by teams other than the Yankees! GASP! I would be shocked if this amounted to anything whatsoever. Fans and media like to indulge in a little off-season soap opera drama, and I think that is why it’s being played up. Derek Jeter has been a Yankee, is a Yankee, and will be a Yankee. (Did you see the fun that The Beckett Blog had with these rumors? Behold.) […]

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In response to jtimes 19, If your pen name is any indication of your age at 19, you don’t know enough about real Red Sox fans. Of course we would love to have Jeter. A future HOF! Whose been playing shortstop for us the last 10 years? Exactly, no one worth remembering. Jeter would not only bring his talent, but his leadership. And the fact that it would piss the Yankees off, would make this a no brainer. Get your head out of your a##, and think about winning more than whining about the Yankees!

Comment by Tom

[…] now appear more ready to settle than before. As alarming (and entertaining) as it would be to see Jeter wear a different uniform in 2011, Heyman reports there is now a strong likelihood that the pinstriped icon will end up […]

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[…] now appear more ready to settle than before. As alarming (and entertaining) as it would be to see Jeter wear a different uniform in 2011, Heyman reports there is now a strong likelihood that the pinstriped icon will end up […]

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[…] have. Beckett Media throws a little fun into the mix by putting Jeter in 29 other jerseys in a set of fake online baseball cards. If he does end up in one of them, the Yankees not only may console themselves by signing Cliff […]

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[…] do you think Jeter should go? Vote now! (Thanks to Beckett Blog for the  Red Sox […]

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RE: Historic Yankees/3000 hits
To be fair…
*Ruth spent his first 5 years primarily as a pitcher; otherwise he makes 3000 easily
*Gehrig had over 2700 hit when he was forced to pull himself at 36; otherwise he makes 3000 easily
*DiMaggio lost 3 years to WWII, most of another to injury; outside shot at 3000 otherwise
*Mantle was famously ravaged by injuries; a knee injury suffered in his rookie year never fully healed and led to 17 years leg problems. He still managed 2400 and retired fairly young at 36.
*NONE of these players had the benefit of 162 game schedule other than Mantl, and him only in the second half of his career.

Comment by NYJ

[…] Jeter (.271, .710 OPS) for $100 million — if Jeter and his agents get what they want. (The Beckett Blog) « […]

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Jeter did not grow up as a tigers fan, he might have grown up and played little league in Michigan but any interview he’s done he said he grew up a yankee fan b/c of his grandma in new jersey is a yankee fan

Comment by turn2

Mets fan here, would love to take Jeter at a one-year $1 million deal to play 2nd base. :)

Comment by Kevin

[…] DEREK JETER be joining the Pirates? Not in this lifetime, but here’s what his baseball card would look like if it happened. […]

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[…] but sports card publication company Beckett Media recently posted some mocked-up images of Derek Jeter in all 30 MLB uniforms. (“Mocked-up” describes the fact better than the effect, but this is a family-friendly […]

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What possibilities! Put him in some really ugly throwbacks — I’d love to see him in those hideous old Astros orange stripes, or White Sox spread-collar-and-shorts. Or give him an Oscar Gamble ‘fro.

Comment by Arrow

[…] The Beckett Blog has the answers. […]

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[…] This site freaks me out and I have had multiple nightmares about it since I stumbled on it a few days ago:… […]

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[…] in case Derek Jeter does call the Yankees bluff and sign elsehwere, here’s a sneak peak at what he may look like in […]

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[…] The Beckett Blog has the answers. […]

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Jeter in sox uniform that its just a sick joke… he’s a yankee for life

Comment by LM

[…] mean, don’t all of these look weird to you? With Rivera getting $15 Million a year, maybe Jeter will see what he SHOULD be […]

Pingback by Mo Rivera Takes $15 Mil. A Year, Why Won’t Jeter? « thesecretdiaryoflawrencefrank

[…] Jeter signs with another team, even if it’s the Dodgers or god forbid, the Red Sox, every baseball fan on earth should shed […]

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[…] retirement to make room for Tino Martinez.  This week, some ingenious creative person imagined Jeter in the other 29 team’s uniforms.  Let’s hope he doesn’t walk the walk, whether to another team, or into […]

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Problem: Jeter’s wearing his customary #2 in his Cardinals card, but the Redbirds have retired #2 for Red Schoendienst, and it won’t get unretired for anyone.

Comment by Brian

My top 3 if the Yankees don’t work out:

1. Redsox -if Ruth can go from Yanks to Sox, why can’t Jeter do the opposite.

2. Cubs -they need whatever help they can get.

3. A’s -he looks good in green. young pitching on the rise.

Comment by watchman

once a yankee, always a yankee. he signed for 3 years 17million per with a 4th option. that pretty much assures he will retire as a yankee.

Comment by delvon ferguson

[…] As of writing, Derek Jeter is still a free agent. I realize they’re closing in on a deal but you still have to wonder what Jeets would look like in the other 29 MLB uniforms. (The Beckett Blog) […]

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[…] guess we don’t have to worry about this […]

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[…] admit,  I will miss taunting my brother with e-mails that featured  pictures of Derek Jeter in 29 uniforms you won’t see him in in 2011 … especially the one above. Shortly after trading Dan Uggla to the Atlanta Braves for Omar […]

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i would hate it if jeter goes to any other teams
i will hate base ball and it will be rouind


Comment by devan

[…] the Cincinnati Reds and, now, The Beckett Blog has just cut to the chase and photoshopped Jeet into the uniforms of the 29 other teams. My favorite three cards are above, but give the good folks at Beckett some traffic by searching […]

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[…] Courtesy of The Beckett Blog, which did this for every team (via BLS): […]

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