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Frozen, Boiled and Dipped in Motor Oil by Pepper Hastings
May 22, 2008, 9:54 am
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It’s a little bizarre, but check out this BGS slab test.


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this is the reason i ONLY use backett grading…..

Comment by thomas capps

Actually, these were just a few things that were done for fun. In reality, we asked Kevin Saucier, who runs this site, to perform every type of security test he could think of to BGS slabs. You wouldn’t believe some of the things attempted!

We cannot release the exact methods as they were successful in breaking into some slabs by other grading companies, and neither Beckett nor Mr. Saucier will divulge any information that could be used to scam hobbyists.

We hope to begin including articles on how to detect card alterations by Mr. Saucier in future issues of The Report Card. Subscribe to the free email newsletter now, and in the meantime, enjoy checking out Kevin’s great site.

Comment by The Hammer

What would happen if a bgs slabbed card had an altercation with a jackhammer?

Comment by President Obama

They were so confident they used a 1985 Graded Dave Kingman card.

Comment by PrimeTime


Comment by B

Oddly enough, the only opponent strong enough to damage a BGS case has been the postal service, as they’ve on several occasions managed to deliver my cases chipped and cracked, from both individual sellers and directly from Beckett.

Comment by Rick $

Beckett should get with the Blendtec guys to show what it takes to “compromise” a BGS slab.

Comment by Nerk01

It sucks to be Dave Kingman.

Comment by Jhancher

Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

cheers, Amnionic.

Comment by Amnionic

well with the quality of the plastic that is used in protecting the cards I will not waste my time in destroying my cards to see how far it takes to destroy the plastic because I take pride in all my cards I grade

Comment by Robert Iglesias

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